Thursday, 3 April 2014

Body Scan Meditation

Update meditation skills re focus the attention to the auric bodies instead of the usual focus on  physical body

Apply you emotional and mental aura

Take any body scan video / audio, keep in mind the intent and exactly the same body part but with the emotional and mental  body in mind

i got Jon Kabbat Zinn on audio  that i got from borders book store ages  ago awesome dude 
there are many to choose from , like the one below; make ur own pick 

test run how i said to try it .. those newbies with higher level sensitivities may need to go onto work spiritual body 

important: it will still be primary after working on the already mentioned auric bodies to reground sequential order via etheric  and physical 

quick recap :

spiritual ground  down to etheric  and physical
mental ground  down to etheric  and physical
emotional ground  down to etheric  and physical

those who can record there own voices [ ur own personal voice does have specific personal healing value to to you ], there isn't body scan that goes into mind numbing details of body parts [ ok i haven't looked in some time  ] however it comes down to accepting/ acknowledging  every part of you ; it might indeed be a good idea to go into more detail for instance on digestive system.

for those meditating on  specific chakras  again differentiate upon which of the auric body chakra you are working on.

laters fuzz

[followed on from Is it in your imagination note i.e.  too long give it its own  space ]

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