Friday, 16 May 2014

The Overt Hormone Address

Asian mentality at it worst  that includes Chinese Indian  and any in /sub between countries.

This probably the one note,  I guess been avoiding like the plague, I can talk about all type of shit at great length; with out batting an eyelid.

This topic however winds me up, no end.

My first encounter with this :p thinking was at the time of my first of three episode,

This senior blood relative of mine male [bleep bleep],  get married [the only accepted way of being screwed over] it will cure you, that is what helped him…  well this was  news … in the silence of thy mind thought nah clearly still a wanker

Thought no more as a serious avenue as  an investigation  alternative tool [good excuse hey:P]

feel free, if you think like that, with a consenting partner let me stress the importance of consent to male newbies..

Yep heard some first hand shit here.. To say the least was most displeased to even hear it  wonder how criminal law would have dealt with it.

Me am most disagreeable / non amicable fact even nickname myself Godzilla  which is non subtle way of back off I got this.

I only gave this dumb notion further thought  after side effects  of medication given at episode three.
 Mammary glands [ think oranges] working like wtf  … never felt more like cow

Had some very absurd thoughts that the mind ran away with… than finally little grey cells of the logical brain kicked “ read the leaflet that comes with medication” assholes

So has western orthodox  medicine uhh gone underground /overt  on this same dumb thinking ?

I also noted that at acupuncture treatments  a good percentage  of needles placed, are  at points related largely related to sex glands.

There are many glands in the human body, to focus solely on this one as the notable cause is bullshitting everyone  including yourself.

For the time being am leaving this  note as stop barking up the wrong tree.


no body watching cool

an after thought :

as nobody is watching this one  near one closely so i'll expand 
for those newbies who cant find the way round hormone address 
it not Tao school of Jade dragon / or its equivalent white tiger school  which cultivate
 the  'physical' human body that is part of the missing factor i which explains mechanically how  human body responds 

it is understanding and application of tantra schools of India ,that all 'vibrational bodies' are are engaged 
recommended reading 
sex and perfect lover by mabel lam is a good a place to start and has bibliography at the back.

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