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Owning your Five Star Badge

The three emotionally related  chakras ….? part 2 of  3{ Gut Instincts  note /post was part 1}

Issues of personal power, the issue is more highlighted now … apparently because at no other  point in time, in  human history that is [ as we have been thought] has personal freedom and ones ability to work one’s way up in the world  be easily obtained currently best demonstrated by western cultures / societies .

Conflict arises  when people have less than they want out of life and those that achieve position and material wealth - “exaggerated by media”

Personal power  and abilities  to work  co-operating in groups  home or at work  ‘basic development’ & ‘societal developmental integration’

The 5th  chakra is strongly influence by this type of Personal Power  and influences cover the major  glands and structure of the neck regions

All illnesses has a connection to the fifth chakra… can you explain/think why…?

Due to lack of expressing about what one thinks and feel

Maturation of the one’s will  from tribal to individual and that  in alignment to higher will/ god

primary fears have to be over come so that its  authority or power, no longer dominate the  choices within our lives .

.Hidden tendencies to project our own problems  and inabilities onto the world.

We are often afraid of owning up to our fears, anxiety and short comings .

Mental emotional struggles involves  learning the power of our  choices

The imbalance of the head and heart has the potential to turn people into addicts

Expressing ourselves in front of others over a wide variety of issues/ causes …expressions  getting stuck in in the human system  , may indeed manifest itself often at the throat as in most obvious consider/think ‘lost of voice’

Fear of internal growth qualifies  as an addiction… used to avoid pain or aha  moments into personal insights.

An example of me [to my absolute annoyance] found myself to be constipated in month of Taurus  which is directly linked to astrologically at least to neck hence the 5th chakra some of you may be thinking isn’t that Virgo for digestion… true however at the emotional /astral level I concluded  as usually can do [ other wise known as barking up the wrong tree] if the concept of not expressing one’s emotions in this case verbally than  your physical body will take it upon itself express it for you …In my case inability to digest emotion- hence constipation

sat there thinking so in your face /constipated thought :P

For further reading on how your body may express itself when you your self choose /unable to express
look up Louise Hay books… however do not take it literally  apart from being in your face [when ever anyone goes on and on about migraines I usually just keep quite] it addresses only the emotional level  with  mental level affirmation  which first steps to understanding and partial tools [the affirmations‘] to dealing  with stuck expression a more complete process  would be to apply Sedona methods as well as the note EFT and beyond + crystals

First steps to addressing the un expressed is to:
Make no judgements,
Have no expectation,
Give up need to know why things  happen the way they have [unscheduled events are a form spiritual direction]

Who/what  has control over your will power and why?
Do you seek to control others? who and why?
What makes you loose control of your will power/temper?

The following could be the shrinks favourite questions ; relayed differently :P

Do you trust guidance that has no proof
Fears associated  within divine guidance
Do pray for assistance with personal plans

The 5th  chakra has many major influences over the major  physical glands and structure in the neck regions

These include:
Thyroid and parathyroid  glands , mouth, vocal cords, trachea  as well as cervical vertebrae

And associated   parasympathetic  system is divided of autonomic system originates  at the 10th cranial  nerve also known as vagus nerve = which leaves  the brain stem that than travels  or it’s effects are received  in heart lungs and abdominal organs

Thyroid and parathyroid  glands - regulates calcium  metabolism in the bone dells

Thyroid and parathyroid  glands - affect growth of skeletal activity

And affects Psychic clairaudience astral level.

So its important to allow energy transfer flow to be expressed freely with discernment

The 5th Centre is that of  choice through thoughts and feelings. Exerting the will to communicate one true inner feeling .. The will activity affects one ability to

consciously recognise one needs
Accepting  what cannot be changed
Have Courage to make choices
And the wisdom to know the differences

The 5th  center is also that  of higher creativity i.e. word , songs, poetry etc.

p.s. update/after thought :  a friend of a friend, concerned  wanted to to know the welfare  of friend without prying into or being busybody  and asked for my advice/opinion  after giving it it some thought  said to ask what current favorite colour is [not the usual favorite ] from... the answer    that got back to me some time later  definitely in healing mode  no i don't ask people this question  apart from well trained answer :P  can be bit too informative for personal use refer i.e to understand the inner you what going on refer to color notes

laters fazmax/fuzz

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