Wednesday, 13 August 2014

matters highlighted

Wondering If I should  jump on the band wagon
Or give my 2p worth on the matter

Robin Williams, 

 have to admit i cried couldn't bring myself to that feel till Tue morning [ told my neighbor  said." felt emotional when it came to Micheal Jackson"]
o.k. some ways normal
other well known faces have passed away, some way or another in similar manner,
 felt no emotion what so ever
was i a raving fan? nope dont think so

so what's different  here , no idea

Similar thing happen to
performing art student round my end in the  U.K.

In short : heart break hotel, no desire to live 

Clear misuse of excellent talent

Some Normal abnormal psychology assessment ie body reading, language reading
You have to throw it out, the window.

In  Robin William case even how well the recovery program is going ,
clearly  knew it so well, nobody be any the wiser

Sensitive individual, Hollywood and all its trimmings not best residential environment
 ,looked at only few youtube videos on Robin William 

do people not recognise  and anguished pained face ?

as for questions being 'routinely' asked  by who ever is interviewing
if those questions:

were to be reversed to you by friends and family wouldn't you at some point at very least likely to have snap/ hissy fit /annoyed  / cry?

does it allow for emotional wounds to heal when others unknowingly keep picking at the scabs?

yes very easy to say  this that and the other after


Looks like for these kind a cases probably require ex / retired intelligence   people

In the latter case hood wink system so well, was out the wards within a month 
even though family showed  concerns'' protest on premature leaving/release were ignored 
Not sufficient time for female to recover from a Broken heart

If biorhythm applied

28 days emotional body
35 days mental body

Dependent upon tools used, probably require  3 cycles minimum to balance out
Ie 3 -4 months (safety net required )

than remembered  spiritual info learnt/read some  time back, if the connection is thought be on spiritual level and true love emotion usually is,[even if it is one sided ] to have someone totally out of vibrational system its actually 9 months

in common sense terms : do you know anyone who has recovered heartache[or grief /trauma ] in one month?

as for 'tools' being thought when negative thinking , patterns come into play
Personally don't recall any being thought as an option say to art classes/bit of cooking in the class kitchens (in the unit), 

Looks like shrinks system forgets if at the same time their studying us
We're studying them, for got human nature did you
 lucky for you most us don't consciously  realise that we do 

over all underlying lying thought, emotion  what ever am not pleased 

when newbie mind is set on doing harm to oneself 

your active shrink minds had better be three detectives in one 

swear words come to mind in closing  off 

laters fazmaz

further recommended blog note reading

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