Sunday, 10 August 2014

Introductions: Empowerment

“We can’t talk, we have, not been properly introduced,”
By Jane Austin

although I guess I am suppose  to introduce psychology and its practical aspects 

Wasn’t very good at psychology so to speak:
First psychology G.CS.E. class, first impression of the teacher he’s a bit bonkers [ yep was a newbie] shouldn’t able to tell that right?, mmm…

To some extent do not recognise, In its entirety, as to what it is I do that does  work  

How do I actually deal with difficult emotions, and endure difficult times 

I only got my act together around 2006 approx in terms in exactly getting my head down on  how the human anatomy  function as a direct result of missing pms
 [ after fasting  month was over , I know I’ve not  been up to  uhh no good  still under the age of 30 some thing isn’t right]
 [+ better note: was not on any medication , after light of round 3 meds ]

Did I go to the GP,,, no, don’t like wasting my time.

Simply put it came down knowing what a detox was, why one should do one,  and how to apply- with what’s available  to you.

But that is still physical body not the emotion , or the mind,

Prior to that what did I do: to uplift myself? [Minus crystal and aromatherapy] 

  • I love reading am an absolute book worm 
  • t.v. / or entertianment 
  • music 
  • On and off yoga + meditation

But don’t ¾ of these naturally come into zoning out or being  the escapist times 3. 

O.k.  so what exactly was  I reading ?

Short answer: mind body, spirit
So what exactly were these books doing  one half getting to grips with half million thought that went  through the brain [during episode 1] either confirming  or dismissing them.

The second half of the books dealing with emotion via understanding chakras 

Does that mean looking at everything from a perceived higher perspective  and putting it into context, helped?

o.k. lets leave that for a moment , lets look at next on the list t.v. /entertainment

So what was I watching here? 

Lets tick off what I didn’t watch first :

Friends , - didn’t relate or not my type of humour 
Dawson creek - don’t care
Titanic- for real? true love on and sinking ship know some girlfriends went to watch up to 5 times at cinema 

More recently in the I.e. in the last fiver years have cut out  t.v. serial dramas eastenders coronation st, etc [ I do miss Brookside though, that was finished years ago ] - watched it religiously like a lot people  so what changed?

Realisation don’t like high emotional dramas where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong! Human relations at there worse,  I know its only drama buts its on 3-4 times a week that’s  not including re-runs.  Cannot be wholesome in the long run. Maybe I found the internet ?, let me correct got myself a laptop.

Tedious Background : hands up; to those who remember neighbours in the 80’s Charlene and Scott getting married?

Totally missed it, and no idea who or what the big deal was [as it came on at school, and prayer class times]

Did finally get first glimpse of Neighbours the character Henry manages to get locked in a carwash with the windows open it clearly was meant to be funny , my problems at the age of 9 approx , here was gotton use to watching Hollywood movies 40’s, 50’s 60’s…  [yep wasn’t much of kids channel than] it was a real disappointment- soon as I reached teenage years, watched very happily including home and away and 90210

 Ok so its important to value  what your watching so what did I, as well as do watch?


 sci fiction

, I.e. stargate ,eerie Indiana star trek , sliders etc  clearly fiction but was  the value?, teamworks, human relations and its ideals in contradiction in unrealistic settings… hold on the word should be stage.

Murder mysteries/ crime scene investigations , Colombo , NCIS, Sherlock [old and new] etc 
ok what’s the value factor here? to some extent its watching psychology / an several   intelligent human minds in action, excellent use of resources and deduction from clues and the absolute look of shock on the murderer face  “ your not as smart as you think you were , take that” [for the record totally abysmal at cludedo games].

 Humour , 

I.e. red dwarf , cosby show, fresh prince belair ,jasper carrot , Ali G, mrs Brown , waiting for God etc 
A good lol , snapping out of looking at serious issues, seriously,  seriously.  and   laughter  breaks up negative energy and is always uplifting 

{Note :generally  humour in important things should be kept to   minimum or else devalues it priorities. }

bollywood [that really comes down in music category]

Might just be Asian women thing we sit there crying  our eyes out while family members [the men/boys ]have good lol [ might be  picking up on  / releasing deep ancestral genetic truama here ? Or just weird ]

Music  [refer to musical notes] depending upon the  lyrics   will pin point relate to emotions currently being felt 
As  it will be recorded / downloaded so that it can listened to time  and time again usually .
\One  stop listeing when done with that emotion [s]

There are some truly :p taking track names out there 
“Like why does it always rain me” ; let me guess u forgot ur  brolly
“This is the closes thing to crazy I have ever been”;  you really have no idea do you 
“Miss you like the desserts miss the rain “- contradictory[ but good song]
“Who let the dogs out” ; you find out and I will hunt them down . 
“Wasn’t me”  ; 

think i'll do :P note to for this on the other blog.

More me would;

“Some track of Bryan Adams”
“Girls just want to have fun”
“Shine, shine like the star that you are”
“Can’t touch this”
Everything Abba, Ricky Martin , Gloria Estefan , Gabrielle

S club 7 :)

It’s an extensive list

My mushier taste is probably more in bollywood tracks

Neways go and check out memory lane and try and recognise  what did/ does  empower / uplift you ?

laters fuzzy 

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