Sunday, 17 August 2014

Life Does Indeed Go On...

To: Family   & Friends

In light of the previous note which was more my reaction,  this than in theory should my responsible response

In the event that you are someone who have suffered the loss of a loved one, in this manner 

Stop beating yourselves up . What's done is done , remember them in their happier times 
Let it be 

For those who have have genuine concern around the 'safety net' at critical times do not hesitate to inform / ask for help 

You even as whole family cannot deal with some with one track mind . 

First port 1a) : call the gp or an appointment with them , who should refer , as well as follow procedures swiftly 

First port  1b): emergency services- should be directly to the wards 

You guys will need to look into this. Should be available on line 

If medication is given,  be very thorough as to what it is and its side effects 

From this point on,  you guys may need to consider your 'approaches'  which also means swotting up
As in previous 'reaction' note primary consideration 

consciously, know what coping skills are, not only for them but for your selves as well , it will initially be tough and hard to see loved ones in that state. 

What we will discuss now will refer most type clinical newbies and there family friends . The two interrelate 

At some point a diagnose will be given such labels and associated stigma are never well received.

From my own experience / memory never once sat down to have condition explained or what explanation family were given. 

Things have changed in the last 20 years and so have opportunities 
One of the key factors  to consider in recovery process : 

Knowing what it is that you are dealing with,in all it details 
Clear communications between newbie, shrink and family 
Will power /determination/ motive -: of newbie to want to move on

From my narrow bias vision of the shrink system only purpose or function they serve is risk assessment to others as well as to oneself . Leave you on medication that's it

That leaves both newbie and family to deal with the bulk of it , which comes down to one of primary reason for even doing this blog. A major bulk of this blog so far is alternatives health theraphy 
as  I've only just introduced psychology 

Everybody needs to take the initiative , and research and apply 
there are some courses on iTunes only downloaded psychiatry ground from uni of Arizona . 
As I realised from this point onwards need to be in parallel.

Anything on my blog or other similar blogs sites etc if  holds your interest look it up , 
internet has loads of free useful info or content 

I haven't actually done an emergency kit note , 
alternative health tools that goes into it  / listed. Has to be individually tailored , 
yep you need to put your head down and study 
Pretty sure given head start here .

In parting chin up :)

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