Friday, 15 November 2013

Art of Timeliness

yea the usual

From the hour of the day. the days them selves, biorhythms  and the astrological month remember what i said about astro month move up one to the one your officially born into[western zodiac signs}

Alot things fall much better into place

[+ convert astro info on  tissue salt note]

most of its on line
in my opinionated manner the best book

Moon Time: The Art of Harmony with Nature and Lunar Cycles [Paperback] 

even cover western form feng shui /Vaastu

to Decipher from old herbal books  and  crystal books...& others?
planets refer to each of the chakara /meridian points 
Referral to four elements  the Humors 

as for modern Astronomy  taking out a planet so speak you will have to consider their Jurisdiction to so 

purpose refer back to title :P

to create a routine that you can follow  / when evere you fell you need to

android app  tend to have more lunar cycle  app only found one, two  in Apple app

after reading cellular awakening , struck upon a thought [mentioned there too]

the sign one is born under  [ lets rename it the new one ] + th 3 that come after it  are the blue print you don't get from mother why ? you weren't Conceived duh  

therefore the Referred to body parts for those Star-signs may [in Theory] not function as well As the others  

than i thought this could be quite far fetched 

however in the Event  any truth to the thought  might be good idea  support these body parts 

hey leave no stone un-turned  never know what you might discover

o.k . not sure what go on With the key pad  every new word begins with  a capital ... come to think of it i like it 

later fuzz
hey back to normal :))

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