Sunday, 10 November 2013

Does it smell good/ a bit whiffy?

I got into essential oils just prior to year 2000, i was lucky enough to have two weekly subscription [ in  parts, ]in three folders ,was available at WHSmith; it was that or House Invader folder collection ]where an itty bitty diluted essential oils of many therapeutic oils were given as samples + wealth of other health and nutritional  information

Did join an aromatherapy class, an adult class  i was like the youngest there. It was the year 9/11 my religious background and being open about newbie condition   & dad's  weird notion on women bikini massaging  middle aged white dudes just wasn't going down to well, [ i blame American tele for this one ]probably with all the above reasons  didn't work in my favour  plus  having hard time finding guinea pigs i mean subject studies [people] 

Only course i never finished , it was slow going class took right up to Christmas to learn about top, middle and base notes, after taking general over view  decided to quit

o.k. story time over 

generally find ,when #essential oils# are recommended for newbies conditions  usually come in the uplifting category [top notes] i.e. citrus notes 

partially right 

newbies need grounding / base notes essential oils these are for example vitiver, frankincense , sandalwood etc
base essential oils usually have meditative /spiritual quality about them

when looking into which essential oils to buy, use in a blend  again you need look into healing properties like you would with herbal plants.:

recommended reading by following authors are:
 Julia Lawless and 

Valerie Ann Worwood

but not the fragrant mind book [valerie}
++++ Gurudas flower remedies 

gives far greater insight into vibrational  level on some of the essential oils than aromatherapy books referal to mind healing  

hence more conscious participation  on user part 

are exceptionally multi functional from baths to air spray, prfumeand all time favourite in an oil candle burner  with a /combo flower remedies which brings it to the highest healing level which brings the experience to the auric level

 if you really don't like an essential oil fragrance  'don't use it' some of you may have an aversion say lavender .it was only after reading the plant properties of lavender in culpeper book  did understand as to my personal dislike.
update as i now  stand :
the brand noted in the above image is the only lavender i like

if you do make a whiffy blend make it the bin fragrance !

the only downside if indeed it a downside?  you may find ye may be be more snooty when it come high street perfumes 

middle notes in essential oils to go for would be

geranium, lemon verbena

and it is true the nose knows :-)

laters fuzz

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