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ultra grumpy skin

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I have  even put one or more for the slackers [still uniting to procrastinate tomorrow.... good]

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Some newbie #skin# can be hypersensitive as well as  dry skin 
the default is usually outlined as: 

  • hormone imbalance 
  • and the un-welcomed ones bacteria that infect the skin and cause white spots
  • diet 
lets us now rephrase that thought pattern [a bit]
Nerve endings that are aggravated may give out heightened mix responses  info back to the brain , the brain than responds back in kind

calm nerves give better feed back to the brain  so the brain can say '
'so that what go on.'

So what did I just say?

facial skin nerves need calm down ingredients  in facial care 

the immune system is over reacting responding by under/over  hormones which in turn creates a welcome habitat for bacteria

making an essential oil base cream may be too strong for 
you at this time, you need to go down a notch on the healing level and go herbal 


Step 1

 A garlic & aloe  gel  base

what you need 
  • ittty biity [small ]cleaned jam jar/ or container of equivalant size  with screw on lid
  • a garlic chopped in one half and no more[or else sensative skin be irritated]
  • and enough aloe gel to fill in container

give 20-30 min to infuse  before putting on aggravated/spoty skin 
leave it on for half hour atleast put on  3/ more time a day 

discard any left over after 3/4 days

that get rid of  infected /acne skin

Step 2

what you need

ittty biity [small ]cleaned jam jar/ or container of equivalant size  with screw on lid
  1. aloe gel 
  2. 1/2 tsp  OR 1/3 jar of the of single herb / combo herbs [those mentioned in the chillax tea ]of cooled down herbal water 
  3. OPTIONAL a facial oil of choice 

give 1&2 a good MIX if your gona add  oil; better leave some space for it.

and see how you go 

Water Spray Bottle

another  option for #dehydrated# skin is  water spray 
what you need:

  • the clean spray bottle 
  • up to 20 drops of echinacea tincture drops [ remember immune response has gone over board]
  • and 6-9 drops of your chosen essential oils 
  • and water distilled/ purified ? to fill the spray bottle up

and shake well before use , you may use this water to wet the face before facial wash, than was off with normal tap water.

A clay mask once a week 

good idea  would suggest making the mask more fluid[but still stays on the face] what can i say the action is in the water ! yep that means you keep it on longer but don't wait for the face to crack 

with maybe a pinch or two  of magnesium sulfur ?
dissolved in the mask [look up healing properties of magnesium sulfur... usually used in healing baths to draw out toxins]

Astro- month ===

officially; in official astro sign we're in Sagittarius remember to move that forward  so we are actually in Capricorn perfect time for skin care as well knee , bone and joints the care of them that is

Observation of the moon /lunar cycles 

From 'new moon to full moon' maximise the use of rejuvenating hydrating home made/products

'Day 16 of lunar   till new moon day'
focus more on detoxing  i.e. steam facial , masks 

Learn to improvise to your needs

later fuzz

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