Sunday, 17 November 2013

What Prompted little me to Create This blog

well was something at the back of my mind
looked at the authors of the books i enjoy ed reading like repeatedly 

they all wrote somat worth while to totally  remarkable  by  middle age, i still got few solar years  ahead of me 

which gives me time come up. hone in on to somat substantial  or indeed
not bother. pretty sure its all covered  even though it well scattered for the moment any way.

looked at the nutritional side well daunting so glad found the links [check link note]

like  true weight off my shoulder 

what truly sealed it was watching Stephen Fry DVD on his newbie his condition the 'coping  skills' of some others who were brave enough to  feature on this film

'coping  skills' truly in short supply among other things that rang alarm bells [no not jingle bells]

another contributing factor a group of people i just nicked  named 'fellowship of the ring'

gee thanx am now currently preoccupied  

few more summaries on the physical body

Keys areas for recovering newbies to look into

work on circulatory system  ... blood is the ever flowing life force 
which means you need to also look into the quality of the water you drink, as well purification  as well as improving circulation

partially covered previously  is the correct function of the digestive system

correct alignment  of spine  do, do this once if never again after that- 

lastly and no means last look into 
brain food,  

Nu tropics- living through neurochemistry  Like longevity Intelligence is not predetermined at birth can be enhanced  by nutrients and anti oxidants  

Nu tropics  meaning to influence the mind  is a class of cerebro-active compounds 

It improves memory , learning, enhances alertness, cerebral energy, stimulates cerebral circulation  and mental mobility, protects brain from free radical damage, increase synthesis and the acting of neurotransmitter

Nutropics  - function in 3 ways 
Stimulate production , rhene cerebra circulation, nutrient and oxygen, stimulates the synthesis of complex proteins{ refer to cell biology}

In food form choline - available in fish , vitamin B3 and DMAE {rlook it up}-available in sardine and anchovies.

Herb form:- horny goat, Ephreda, ginseng and ginko bilbo


what will bring it back into optimal  or at-least functional condition...

which is important not only for newbies but future notes i intend to do
  an under nourished brain is able to maintain focus 
which is prerequisite in maintaining  mental disciplin

 as some newbies before me will have discovered the hard way ,the answer lies in energy management

For those of you still loosing head hair over this:  
rinse hair in cooled down yarrow tea
/mix cooled yarrow tea to shampoo  and  use as usual
/or few drops of yarrow essential oil in to shampoo bottle  :)

for those still taking medication may noi work as well but will still minimize some  loss.

laters fazmax

further blog note reading

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