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States and their Balancing

Its about Perspective 

GLUTTONY- affects digestion> over indulgence

SLOTH- affects circulation>  procrastinator we will unite tomorrow 

LUST- affects reproduction> ....

SPEECH -thyroid>   so that basket case./ beech

ANGER -brain>   appropriate expression

FEAR- breath>  flight/ fight response  versus shut down

PRIDE- perception>  who me / my favorite 

[otherwise known as the seven deadly sins]

Emotional  Agitation 

inhibits the secretion of endorphin's and enkepttomls [typo] in the brain if emotional allowed to continue for days / weeks on end. creating energy blocks  which are caused by locked in attitudes or feelings  or old emotional scars. [poor posture and injuries  can also create  energy blocks ].

in voluntary release:  through drug use, overwork, severe blow or injury to tail bone  area; grief trauma or excessive fear. excessive meditation growth practices or age old favorite  sex :P

my tick  boxes :overwork [ hard to believe ?]injury to tail bone area,[ slight disalignments further up  {happen when i was kid }was in in pain for two days and nights after finally getting  round to chiropractor to to sought it two years ago]  excessive meditation growth practices, grief trauma 4 out 8 not bad  damn shame missed out on the last one 

depression means somat is 'being dug up' because energy is literally depressed down into the body for edification

The seven e-motions

(from internal medicine classic)

Excessive joy and laughing- 

injures the heart and scatters the spirit; slows down the heart energy-: the body loses function over vital organs


injures liver and yin energy- which controls blood, bile and other fluids associated with the liver; permits over yang energy to flare up  causes  headache, dizziness, blurred vision and mental confusion, frequent outburst; damages liver hence more prone to anger- a self perpetuating cycle of destructive emotional energy.
-wood energy- 


blocks energy and  injures the lungs; impairs the circulation by inhibiting breath. 
Which lowers resistance by weakening body shield of protective energy {refer to aura section... not done it yet]

The large intestine tend to be affected first which leads to constipation, ulcerative  colitis
The stomach, spleen pancreas  also gets  affected which deprives the entire body system nutrios/nervous energy.


meaning obsessive mental fixation on a specific problem which constantly pre-occupies the mind[ {excessive} - workaholic]- injures spleen  and pancreas energy 


injures heart and lungs  and the triple burner , grief causes vital energy to dissipate  rapidly


damages kidney energy if it is already weak  i.e. prone to chronic fear and paranoia can cause renal {eye} and permanent kidney damage
Solution foods and herbal tonic which boost [water  energy].


a shock to the system  alarms the spirit and causes energy to scatter- primarily injures the heart if it persist and becomes chronic fear moves to and injures kidneys too/as well.
[water  energy]

for these states of emotion you need, in  addition to what ever else you are doing;  to incorparate  flower  remedies .

the  most obvious sources would be:

# Bach flower remedies #,  info can be found  on line such as PDF I personally find Apple devices easier to down load PDFs with straight forward no brain'er. 
" Bach correctly perceived  that the illness of the personalty was an out growth  of dysfunctional  energetic patterns within the subtle bodies. subtle energies  of flower essences work their way through physical circulatory system and nerves to nadis to reach the #meridians / chakras# these major and minor points  allow the energies to be properly utilised by the cellular systems of the body.

one i mentioned previously  Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas  
on page 240-251 are table charts of flower remedies of #psychological states #covering state awareness as cynicism , anxiety , fear of food, dying aging etc, illogical , moodiness of artist, self esteem /centered critical etc, nervousness, mental clarity, self nurturing , courage to name just a few [ still available but no longer being printed which is weird no book covers it so well  try recommending it for kindle/ eBook]

and from Gurudas  bibliography  you'll flower remedies handbook; emotional healing and growth with Bach and other flower essences by Donna Cunningham [ does have a blog, but the book is far better] an old book but brilliant

newer books  i'll get back to you on that

laters fuzz 

note: Beech is flower essence :P

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