Thursday, 21 November 2013

The 5 Star Chain Reaction

Earth Element  
normally that would mean bare foot and walking on un-cemented ground i.e sand, grass

for those of who did check the video in "in how well lubricated is your nut"that  inflammation in the brain cells was well noted, strangely enough no video there now when i check on youtube :/ do check out to dude name instead

some of you may  have  cottoned on to the thought that some global cuisines  such as the Chinese don't have that much fat in there diet, so what go on?  a clue may lie in "grounding" look up info /videos etc   is truly important for newbies

additional info from gem elixir  volume 1 on silver (  some clarity on some of the sensations felt)

would be interesting to know how it would effect  Acupuncture , the result of it treatments

Update bit: take a look at plugs in use and see if the 3rd pin [the earthing pin refer back to science lessons/ D.I.Y. book on household repair/ word search web] noted as well as realised  that plug for my mobile that 3rd pin is ruddy plastic that like so beats the point, always make sure whatever thing you buy that requires plugging in that all three pins that go into the socket are are metal

++refer to Enhancing the Earthing Experience note

Water Element  

although mentioned briefly in last note
key feature in water quality to be looking

  • Alkalising
  • Micro-clustered
  • and i think the the other was ionic

refer to Tao of Detox   for  for fucntions and purpose of good qualtiy in the body
a  good video to look into is ADYA products

for more theory Tao detox chapter 2 water Hydration and hydrotherapy[pg 21-53]
spiritual Nutrition... by Gabriel Cousens M,D [chapter 29 living water pg 475-497]

+++Experts Share Their Views on the Benefits of Drinking Pure Water
look up dude named Steve Meyerowitz 

Air Element

5 mins at a a time say 4 times a day  on focused deep diaphramtic breathing is good start

Or Alex Theory  AIR cd album/ or from full spectrum sound healing that in the background and refer to oil candle note

+ refer to Pranyama Ayurvedic breathing exercises as well as Tao of Detox book  again
on info on air quality or what ever you can find online

further reading in Tao of Detox Daniel Reid chapter 4 [page76-112]

Wood Element - Your nourishment.../ FOOD

Fire Element - That's You and how your body system{s} operates that ranges from the absolute stillness of the mind to body physical movement  

further reading as well as chakra book previosly mentioned  :

A complete guide to Chi -Gung  .. Harnessing the power of the universe

   by Daniel Reid

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