Saturday, 30 November 2013

I can Blank too :P

A lot of self help books rightly or otherwise usually have disclaimers

let me cry or laugh about this


nah cant be bothered 

Neway can be off putting when searching  for information that  one can utilise in a responsible manner

recently went to see sound therapist who was told 

'  may not be correct for working with newbies' 

 which she was like  i don't think so ...'and argued against the decision and won 
{good on her :) }

I is recalling but  not so well the Brit somat have up coming  sound/ music  therapist for newbies.. or general health.

hey don't have a memory of elephant

Let me bore you with following :

The most profound knowledge  is often only available through direct experience  and perception

When it is firmly entered/ rooted in your consciousness you can withstand  all the challenges of life  you can than make decisions  with integrity  for the highest good. 

 Remember that relaxation  goes hand in hand  with vibrant health  and peak performance 

 Act with responsible  awareness  and wisdom  as the choices ; exacted upon  may hinder  as well as assist  the fulfillment  of your purpose .

 Make sure you are steeped in  knowledge,  honesty and  self worth 

 Read carefully without judgement accept  whatever resonates  at your core level 

Wisdom guides you to alter  consciousness  from  the currant  point of power, when you can change your destiny

Universe arranges it self..  so ultimately what you do , stand up and resolve  so that  everyone can benefit.

you may  ponder, sleep on it  or do what i do with some disclaimers blank'em

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