Sunday, 6 April 2014

Like for Real Spiritual Emergancy

probably 2 of 5 important books that i  read that one term as "the salvation"

the Awakener that i  read first that summed  my experience[ the page pages at the back]
 regardless of clinical observations
or the mental health tribunal book : the law requires definition{ to one of us newbies reading, would find it quite damning wouldn't advise it]

 in case for the nosey people who want to know why i read it; it was part of my extended essay course work  "mental heath and getting back to work"  wasn't very promising WHY? the burden of proof,  that of prejudice is upon you { This i will address in another note]

 Even though i got distinction for it...  aren't i bright
didn't bother, doing any further courses after that either,.that included going to university.

I have actually got  half an A/S in Psychology  pulled off an E  under serious sedation [medication other wise known as butt injections ] to look of  absolute miracle on the face career advisor when i'd gone to see her after exam result,  didn't impress me much either; guess it was though looking back now.

Only thing i took note of that time was psychology degrees were omitting spiritual psychology things may have changed since than . I was totally disillusioned  the saving grace for the professional ,shrinks etc  in my non humble opinion is the spiritual emergency book that's it didn't look into matter any further.

For this blog i had to re-buy  the book [gave my original way to newbie met in college[  whilst getting computer certificate] had this weird thing about giving himself /talking at psychology uni  seminar about his condition - normally i would have called it noble  but knew him well enough  to come to realise it was form of sabotage  to put badly; look at me am freak

 Apart from  slacking off on revision  [even i knew my chances of getting good grade were slimmer than slim shady ]  i was totally immersed in" the global conspiracy by" David Icke that had just been published  it was good that it was one of the first of five  so i could look upon all future book readings with absolute skepticism

[this icke dude comes from same city as i do;  indeed attended the same secondary school ... do you think there was something in the water ? ...spooky enough i did do poem called the 'star of david' in round one of newbie condition 1995 at that time i had put it down  religious phase. I had totally missed the drama with Ick dude which had been on t.v.  god save all newbie from such public demos ]

Anyways realisation of all l important  ramification ..." if i got what the dude is saying I [we] have not been properly educated "  bugger

laters fuzzy


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