Monday, 7 April 2014

Reach for the Stars

Try meditating on Astrological signs, eg Aries, Virgo,Capricorn. 

as previously mentioned [in the art of timing -note]or already may know each sign is connected to a body part i.e. Pisces to the feet, Virgo to digestive system, Aries to head etc  
also take note of which element fire earth,  etc  

How to go about it: 

well for starters know your signs-to related body part!  its in art of timeliness note /search engine it
so lie down comfortably- like in yoga corpse pose,

breathe deeply minimum of four times 
and go through Aries first- through to Pisces [head to toe] 
and mentally telling your self i now breathe the energy of the constellation of,,, ??! 

focusing in on yourself and being aware 
maintain breathing in of each sign as long as you need to 
breathe gently four times at the end to finish off. 

function/reason behind this meditation: 

energy balancing , and relax 
we no longer get sufficient star light, due night light pollution, and likely to be indoors-unless of course your camping! 

Note :works in similar manner to nine planets that correspond to our chakras /meridian centers [more common in Indian astrology]
a similar meditation  can be done here as well  on YouTube you'll find the actual sound  planets make -yep news to me too, so you have the added option of having these sounds in the background on your devices 

it might as an option be good idea to know how in esoteric astrology and info on planets- intellectual info and redirect energies you want to bring in author :
 Alan Leo is good in this regard
 or A. A.Bailey Seven Rays [excellent all rounder ]

any way good luck if you choose to try either of the two!

[followed on from following notes  :
Does it Exist in Your Imagination
and body scan meditation 

yep from the other blog, just updated it a bit

laters fuzzy 

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