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Tour on Development

[following on from gut instinct note]

***There are two major influences upon the human kingdom the Ray of love and wisdom[blue] and  the ray of active intelligence and adaptability -Yellow Ray

The potency of this Yellow Ray finds its expression through the 3rd major centre on this planet known as humanity [yep that's us lot back stage making racket: "are we on stage yet?"]

In its 'basic' manifestation:
is the development of thought
materialistic center , divine urge
tendency to inquire, ask question find out search, progress analysis- urge to evolve

 it is the  more 'finer' manifestation:
True thinker mental type, awake and alert
know plan purpose will of source/spirit
intelligence transmuted into wisdom

scientist , educator, writer[am I in their anywhere]
[Alice A. Bailey books]

The above was taken from source written some 60 /more years ago, more recent literature breaks this down into further components 
such as
IQ=intelligence Quotient
EQ= emotional Quotient
SQ=sensing knowing & telepathy
WQ=expansion beyond yourself Consciousness and creation: speed thinking, super creativity
QQ=Quantum intelligence[do not know :))]

It is the  spring board colour for the inner world and spirituality
Summary:adaption , evolution, development.

therefore each and everyone of us  has this color -ray, some more than others or draws it in at will ie students-
in terms of auric hues/ or as like to term it a particular shade of yellow, that resonates with specific meridian

yellow hues:
pale:- poor state of mind/ timid character, emotional scars
Primrose:-optimism , new learning, new career
lemon :-strength,sorting & sifting issues of importance
butter :- strictly focus
Golden elevation of mind, inspiration
mustard:- manipulative mind games
orange:-Excessive thinking, dogmatic
straw:- dream
 Yellow negative moods are characterized: Anxiety , out of control, fear, lonliness

So virtues to be acquired:
tolerance, sympathy, devotion, accuracy, energy, common sense

For the student the affirmation would be : I am open and willing to learn and to be guided in all my affairs

A ray that allows man, the capacity to a source of all requirements, & supplies every need.

so if you think you are a yellow think of yourself as:
daffodil:- Generous spiritual entertainer or
sunset gold: intuitive, articulate and funny or
Cadium yellow:Sexy, complex creative or
Artisan Gold: Expressive Artisan and Musical

How could you go about achieving such qualities?

Strangely by enforced Quiet, not through meditation but through the art of living.
to make the most of opportunities that come your way
to work within the context of divine order
to observe what need to be done and patience for it to be revealed, in its own timing.

You become like an Actor ... Set Scene Action
And weave your own magic in the light of day
And be as one with sage like superstars

And speak forth in nuggets of gold:

"What multi faceted jewel reflects light in all direction equally?
that fulfills every wish thee may have
& still showers the universe in its warm radiant glow?"

As an aspect of 3rd ray; money lies in the crystalised 'physical exchange form' -
Where 'test' of good will should demonstrated?
This ray will go on increasing and intensifying and will merge into a major root race. [global economy]

ps excuse spelling /typo am that not that yellow :))***

taken from my other blog:

purpose 1

some newbies tend to be stuck on traditional views  enforced by what ever authority figure family religion etc ... it is a slow progress you can't go back to who use to be .. time to own up to real interests and re-recreate yourselves you will indeed step on others avoidance is  inevitable  in which case make an art of  or just stamp about bit so to speak.  regardless of how old you are now

purpose 2

third chakra fourth chakra and  fifth chakra; are  interlinked in the beginning phases of individuation - to be your own person

purpose 3

time to an interest in inner and outer development.

later's fuzz

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