Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Dream On..

 A good start is probably is to be able to fall asleep, 
quite  naturally of course or with a little help from natural remedies
check out chillax herbal and candle aromatherapy method  or music  refer to previous blog notes.

sleep depravation can be a major issues  and it will be of importance to know which aryuvedic type  you are  and how that relates in clock time to you or sleeping pattern

as well as the Chinese body clock and taking note what time middle night or  part way through the night you wake up,
an making point of  note of which organ body is related to that hour ding dong
as well as the hour just passed ding dong

some newbies have tendency  to be night birds or owls
if say  ayurvedic type clock
and just missed the ideal   natural sleeping time being between 9,30-10.30
chances are strong are strong you may have trouble till after 2am
however certain things about yourself can only be learnt by self observation and long term at that.

Those newbies on orthodox medication, although some you may sleep a lot strangely enough  may come of bit of a surprise to you, you  are actually sleep deprived meaning that when you are sleeping the body is still unable  carry out lot of sleep mode function key one being detox and repair posher  word being rejuvenate

those who fall asleep may naturally may consistently find themselves in nightmare zone  apart assumed causes of this being bad food or diet. Other explanation other than out right whacky to legitimate  are far to long winded to explain  simple effective solution  St Johnwort infused oil dab a bit say just upper chest.  does the trick every time.

those newbies who find themselves in nightmare consistently  probably best to skip dream yoga book mentioned until you get to bottom or root cause of nightmare

an art of dreaming tip: if an when you find yourself in nightmare / just bad dream  you might be adept enough to notice black pond ,ocean or watery zone   some thing like that. I usually  find this to be access back to waking/ awake  consciousness.

that should be sufficient  information to be getting on with

laters fazmax

what was previously written  on this blog note
Look into books

Tibetan yoga  dream  and sleep by  tenzin wangyal riponche ( pdf  just staring to read it )
Art of Dreaming  by Carlos Castenendo ( might be typo on author name)
plus the following book  author has website too, the dream book is more pragmatic  meaning more grounded again as to what your body /mind is trying to tell and less on prophetic dream interpretation.

Neway finish of note on another day dream  , still not finished crystal notes :/
On that remembrance :-optional crystal tapping option  on EFT and Beyond  note

Laters fuzz

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