Sunday, 6 April 2014

EFT and Beyond

since were looking at newbie condition from holistic perspective , it would unseasonable to miss out the emotional freedom technique following on from the note "do you know. how; to hack in to yourself"

a short summary of this technique  would be

"Tapping on key specifically targeted part of the body"-about 7-8 times  while:
a)affirming to first  release emotion /emotions  surrounding  an event or individuals
b)secondly affirming a positive statement in its place

information on finding these points can easily found on line books, PDF, YouTube etc

however i would like to leave with 2 additional  books both previously mentioned, one that to your left the other to your right. :)

your homework[no groaning please ]:
1. repeat EFT techniques with the 10 key questions Sedona  Method book  in there [yep it has been summarised somewhere in the book 

2.repeat EFT techniques on any of the on body major and minor chakras that are mentioned in the book kundalini and the chakras

see if you can reapply what mentioned in the note  "do you know. how; to hack in to yourself" which is summary of reflexology on ears hand and feet 
+++info on "musical notes" ... mantras , prayers from respective beliefs etc ***and tapping to rhythm of the  music...try it  to experience  it !
laters fuzzy

and same info on tapping can/may help improve eye sight; something i mentioned in Aries and what prompted me to this blog; your eyes can hold alot of emotion  refer to following book
short flashback: the optician was chattering away, as some do, had this firm yet dumb notion that if parents have bad eyesight the children will too ,i held back my  opinion by sheer will power :p
so barking up the wrong tree; that by the way is my specialty :)

the kundalini and chakras  book and one below will  will take you to the final frontier :)

shh don't tell anyone available as pdf  alas i already own the  book 

optional using crystal for  tapping on points  

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